Air Cargo

Whatever you call it Air FreightAir Cargo or Shipping Goods by Air, it can sometimes be confusing if you don’t know where to look for competitive air freight rates.

But finding the best rates for shipping air freight has never been easier. Beat My Freight Price is a unique service now available for American shippers to find the lowest prices for shipping goods by air worldwide. US importers can benefit from the local knowledge of our overseas partners and their years of experience in sourcing the lowest air freight rates

Beat My Freight Price partners will help you to find the service that is right for your shipment. When you have a deadline to meet you will need to find the most direct flight and find it fast, our partners will know where to look. If savings are important to you, a consolidation may be the answer, you benefit from the savings made by shipping your goods with other customers to get quantity discounts.

Cargo too large for the scheduled airlines? There may be freighter options available or you may need to look at a full or part charter.

There are air cargo services to meet most of your shipping needs and now there is a service to help you find them at competitive rates.

To get the lowest prices for shipping air cargo, click on the link below and complete the simple online quotation form.