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Freight agents can submit unlimited quotations and pay nothing unless their quote is accepted. You are not tied to a contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BMFQ Agent?

Any company actively trading as a freight forwarder / logistics provider can become a BMFQ agent after completing a basic form. Once you have been accepted you are free to quote on thousands of worldwide enquiries.

How do I become a BMFQ Agent?

Complete our basic online form and after we have checked the information you have supplied you will be given access to our enquiry database. You will not be asked to pay at this point as the basic package is free of charge to all agents.

How much does it cost?

The basic package is free of charge. The successful agent on any enquiry will pay a non-refundable introduction fee before the customer is put in touch with them.

Premium packages are priced individually.

Which package should I choose?

All agents start on the basic package but can upgrade at any time to one of our premium packages. There are benefits for each of the packages so choose carefully before upgrading.

How do I respond to freight enquiries?

Check the database of enquiries and select a shipment you would like to quote. Click on the quotation button and enter your Total Price. You then tick the boxes that cover the items included in your price. Hit submit and the quotation will be posted to the customer’s file. 

The system notifies the customer that a price has been submitted.

What kind of freight can I quote on?

You are free to quote on any of the enquiries in the database. We have enquiries for all types of cargo, both private and commercial.

I specialise in certain types of business is Beat My Freight Price the system for me?

You will find shipments that match your requirements on the system, but if your market is too niche the enquiries may not come up very often. If you are in any doubt contact us and we can give you more info.

Is there a minimum contract?

For the majority of agents there is no minimum contract. If you take on the highest level of licence with all the additional benefits you will be required to take out a minimum 1 year licence.

Do I pay a commission for work I receive?

On the basic levels if your quotation is successful you will pay a flat introduction fee before the customer is put in contact with you. You pay no further charges to us. 
On the highest level licence your annual fee covers all costs so you do not pay any other fees to us.

Improve Sales with Beat My Freight Price

Our system allows for members of the public and businesses alike to submit details of items they would like to ship – Be it locally, nationally or worldwide.

Working across Air freight, Sea Freight and Road Freight, we collect specific data in order to allow you to offer a freight quote on these shipments. Pick and choose which shipments you would like to quote on. You are not limited to the number of shipments you quote on.

Essentially Beat My Freight Price is an online lead conversion tool that works for you!

The Agent area is simple to use, with a clean, intuitive design to make the process simple and streamlined. Once you have selected your package, simply login, fill out your business profile and you are ready to go.

In the Office or on the Road!

Our system is accessible to agents, whether you are in the office or out on the road. Be sure to keep up to date with the newest enquiries from your work PC, home laptop or mobile device – The BMFQ system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Freight Business

There are 3 plans for you to choose from.

Most agents choose our basic plan which is Free of Charge and gives access to thousands of freight enquiries from customers around the world. If you specialise in a particular type of cargo or region you can upgrade at anytime to one of our premium plans to target your precise market.

Whichever plan you choose Beat My Freight Price offers one of the most cost effective ways to connect with your target audience.

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