Freight Shipping Calculator

Shipping Calculator

No more confusion on freight charges with our Shipping Calculator.

We know that some websites ask you to put individual weights and dimensions, some ask you to put the total weight of the whole consignment and individual dimensions and some ask you to group all the same dimensions together. With so many different ways you are asked for the same information, it is not surprising that errors sometimes occur on quotation requests. When you complete an online BeatMyFreightQuote air freight quote request, our Shipping Calculator will automatically work out your chargeable weight and volume. You will be advised if you will be charged on Gross Weight or Volumetric Weight.

We use either cms and Kgs or inches and lbs, if the volume looks too high maybe the dimensions have been entered in mms. It is a common mistake.

With the BeatMyFreightQuote Shipping Calculator you will always know what you are paying for.