Types of Freight

Not sure which type of freight is right for you?

We have freight agents specialising in shipping all types of cargo by all types of transport.

Which type of freight is best? Well, it often depends on what you plan to ship and how urgently you need it. Read on for details.

Air Freight

Air Freight may sound expensive, but often it is the most economical service for smaller shipments. Air freight is usually quicker and there are a range of services for different types of cargo.

The minimum charges can be lower than sea freight, but the speed is certainly a major consideration.

Great For: Smaller packages. Items you need urgently.

Ground / Road Freight

Road freight is ideal for shipments moved door to door within one country or within the same continent. Transit times can be surprising short and the costs very competitive. For faster transit times there are full load options as well as services for specialist cargo such as refrigerated. To get the best savings on smaller shipments an LTL Less than Truck Load service may be your best option.

Great For: Freight within the same country or continent. Items you don’t need in a hurry. Door to Door services.

Sea Freight

Sea Freight is very competitive for many types of cargo. The main services are LCL Less than Container Load and FCL Full Container Load. LCL is a groupage service where your cargo is sent in a container with other cargo to get maximum savings. With FCL you pay the cost of shipping the whole container so you choose where the container is loaded and unloaded. FCL covers a range of ULDs Unit Load Devices including Refrigerated, Open Top and Standard containers.

Great For: Lots of packages. Large items. Items from further afield (e.g. China to the UK).